We are dedicated to providing health and human service resources to all those we serve.  We are committed to strategically working to collaborate with leaders in the communities to improve health and well-being for all throughout Union County.

United Way of Greater Union County worked with the City of Plainfield, key stakeholders in the community and grant holders to increase health outcomes for the residents who live in Plainfield, NJ.  Healthy Plainfield is a coalition consisting of a cross-sector of faith-based agencies, the Public School District, the Health Department and other key stakeholders to focus on sustainable change led by the community for the community. Lifelong Plainfield funds programs that benefit seniors to independently age in place. UWGUC and Springpoint Senior Living received support from the Grotta Foundation for Senior Care on behalf of the City of Plainfield.
Healthy Plainfield and Lifelong Plainfield works to:

•Increase public will, awareness and support for both initiatives, with an eye for sustainability and systemic change 

•Increase access to information

•Formalize Committees and implementing an oversight structure for all strategies, measuring progress, and reporting to the community

•Identify additional resources to implement, expand, and/or support strategies

•Establish priorities with school district

•Support the faith-based community to become Champions of Lifelong Plainfield and Healthy Plainfield

•Establish an engagement strategy all members of the community