Start Today United

Tomorrow is on the horizon, full of questions and unknowns. It is up to us how we answer.  Starting today we can respond with hope, with possibility, with action. We can speak up, raise our hands, give back.

Starting today we can rebuild our communities so they are better, more equitable, more resilient.

Today, we are helping individuals and families address their child’s education and health barrier; providing opportunities and guidance for employment; providing training that builds positive parenting skills; helping families develop financial independence; coaching and supporting first-time mothers; helping families gain access to health services and; assisting parents so they understand the online world.

We understand the capacity and complexity it takes. We are prepared, fully capable and committed to bringing people together, providing relevant resources and, importantly to our mission, improving lives.  But we cannot do it alone.

Let's reimagine a tomorrow that is better than yesterday. To get there, starting today we must LIVE UNITED.  #LiveUnited 


Support United Way of Greater Union County.

With your help, we will continue to improve lives and build strong communities.


Make check payable to United Way of Greater Union County and mail to:
33 West Grand Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
Memo: Start Today
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